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Hair loss treatment in the Unites States is a billion dollar industry with new customers coming into the market every day. By age 50, more than half of all men experience noticeable signs of alopecia, or age-related male pattern baldness. Women, too, experience hair loss with age and both genders are apt to lose their hair at younger stages of life due to certain physical or medical conditions.

Many scientific and clinical studies have been conducted to determine the actual causes of baldness and hair loss and the findings are helping to develop more successful treatment options to replace or restore thinning or receding hair. Laboratory breakthroughs continue to advance understanding and technologies that enable the development of successful treatment options.

Hair loss is associated with hormonal and genetic influences that are very complex and the hair loss treatments developed to combat the condition are varied and multifaceted.

There is a firmly established connection between the male hormone testosterone and balding so many formulations address this issue. Some of the more successful treatments involve blocking the ability of a certain form of testosterone from binding with the hair follicle, where it prevents hair growth.

A concern raised by these treatments is that any disturbance in testosterone may interfere with sexual performance. In a very small number of cases, this concern has been proven to be valid but not significant.

Hair loss treatments that target women are more focused on lowered levels estrogen produced after menopause than sensitivity to testosterone. Regardless of which hormone is targeted in a given formula, hormonal involvement is the key.

Because many of the more popular hair loss treatments involve the sex hormones, it is extremely important that any woman undergoing treatment for hair loss absolutely must not become pregnant during treatment and men should never even touch a woman who is or might become pregnant if he is undergoing treatment for baldness.

Some of the hair loss treatments for men can cause severe birth defects in unborn male children. The risk is so great to these male fetuses that even touching a pregnant woman is a potential and extreme danger.

For men and women looking for hair loss treatment during the time of life when they are starting families or who are likely to be exposed to women of childbearing age, there are other successful hair loss treatments to consider that do not involve hormonal therapies.

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