Learn about Hip and Back Pain Prevention

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Hip and back pain are very often interrelated – one adverse physiological condition often leads to the other. Each time when you keep your feet on the ground, the pain travels through your legs and hip and then hits your back. At times, it may happen that you have a flat feet and a condition of over-pronation is causing hip and back pain.

It is no doubt hard to treat such excruciating pain. Seeing a medical practitioner can prove helpful. The doctor will get to the root of the pain and even suggest you exercises, medication and/or surgery to overcome the pain and suffering.

Other Relevant Causes Of Hip And Back Pain

  • One leg shorter than the other causing difficulty in walking and finally giving way to severe back and hip pain

  • A wee bit uneven pelvis

  • A kind of curve in the spine

  • Degeneration of any one of the discs between the vertebra of the spine

Sportspersons and athletes also suffer from conditions of back and hip pain, which is essentially caused by relentless muscle strain. They usually visit an orthopedist, an osteopath or may be a chiropractor; the medico will examine the spine and vertebra to have a clear understanding of the condition and prescribe remedies accordingly.

A weak abdomen or lower back muscle may also contribute to causing an excruciating back hip pain. Regular exercise can significantly take care of this condition by providing utmost strength to the stomach and lower back portion of the body.

If, in any case, unequal leg lengths is the cause of your hip and back pain, the physician may recommend the use of a piece of 1/2" foam rubber into your running shoe or prepare a sponge of just the right size. When both the heels are of similar sizes, your problem of a painful back and hip may be solved to some extent.

However, if the problem lies in the structure of the foot, you can readily solve your problem of hip and back pain by wearing running shoes of different sizes. You can simply order for a motion-control shoe as a solution for over-pronation.

Pain in the back and buttocks may be caused by an uneasy piriform muscle, which lies deep in the buttock. In this case, the back of the buttocks becomes sensitive to touch. Tightening of the back or hamstring does not allow the piriform muscle to work well and it can also give form to undue inflammation causing unbearable hip and back pain. Icing and anti-inflammatory can greatly help in easing this form of hip and back pain. Vigorous massage of the knot can also help a lot in relieving the pain. Likewise, you should also concentrate on stretching and strengthening your hip, hamstring and lower-back muscles.

Common Remedies For Hip And Back Pain

  • Work less and avoid excess physical strain

  • Try applying some damp heat

  • Take hot baths or visit the steam room

  • Help yourself with occasional heat rubs

  • Closely inspect the cause of the pain and think of a possible remedy as fast as you can

There are plenty of reasons for hip and back pain. However, if appropriate treatment measures are taken, then you are soon to get rid of an agonizing condition of pain.

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