Left Side Upper Back Pain

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Today’s fast lifestyle and a continuous faulty sitting posture have contributed much in causing left side upper back pain. In most cases, left side upper back pain involves several muscles and ligaments attached to the vertebrae (the bones that make the spinal chord of the body).

Causes of the pain include disc disease, arthritis, or compression fractures. However, aortic dissection, a potentially complex problem and pleurisy or cardiac injury may also serve as a significant cause of left side upper back pain. When you fail to take proper care of the body and/or tend to overstretch and overuse your muscles (and hence ligaments) you may experience pain, strain and develop inflammation. Thus, it is extremely important for you to stay careful, not to over-exert yourself, to follow a proper standing and sitting posture both at home and at work.

Nature Of The Pain

An aching pain in a particular localized area is the first sign of upper left side back pain. This sort of pain has all possible chances of getting intense and annoying. Muscle spasms, at times, accompany such pain due to over-strenuous and overburdening activities. The severity of the pain reaches to such an extent that you can even feel it while talking or taking deep breath. At times the left side upper back pain seems so agonizing that you cannot even move your neck or shoulders thus causing utter pain and discomfort.

Diagnosis of a Condition of Left Side Upper Back Pain

The diagnosis of the pain is much influenced by the place of occurrence. Acute shoulder discomfiture can indeed give form to an upper left side back pain. Thus, an individual with complaints of unbearable shoulder pain should at once visit a physician who may suggest several tests like movement of the arm through each and every range of motion (ROM) along with neurological inspection to check any sort of nerve involvement. X-rays and MRI scans also help in the diagnosis.

Treatment of the Pain

If you really want to go without a condition of left side upper back pain, you need to stretch and warm up your muscles and ligaments before you prepare yourself for a strenuous workout session. Such an adverse physiological condition can also be treated with the use of easy conventional treatment procedures.

Other than these treatment options, left side upper back pain can also be treated by anti-inflammatory medications if the pain is caused due to strained muscles, over exercising or hectic activities. The last resort, which can perfectly heal an acute condition of upper left side back pain, is surgery.

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