Lower Right Back Pain

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Several individuals visit the physician with complaints of lower right back pain. First, it is essential that you understand the structure of this part of the body and then you go into details about the problem and the right medication for the condition.

The spinal column of your vertebrae at the back is finely connected to ligaments, tendons, large muscles and nerves. This makes it unbelievably strong and flexible. Yet, things may go wrong at times, thereby, causing unbearable lower right back pain.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Lower Right Back?

  • The bones can get fractured

  • Muscles can become strained

  • Too much strain can tighten the structure at the back

  • Your joints can be injured

  • Ligaments can get dissipated

  • There is possibility for the discs to be herniated

  • Nerves too can get irritated

The lower right portion of the back can get easily injured. Actually, the lower back moves more than the upper part and thus a continuous movement can cause wearing and tearing of this part of the physiological system.

Other Essential Causes Of The Pain

Extensor muscles, flexor muscles and oblique muscles – yes, twisting or pulling of any one of these muscles can indeed give way to lower right back pain. The soft tissues at the lower right back can get strained due to inappropriate posture or due to lifting of heavy objects.

Apart from simple muscle strain, lower right back pain can also be caused by damaged or injured bones, joints and ligaments. Stress too can cause immense pain in the muscles. Too much of stress and negligence of the condition can indeed give way to severe lower right back pain. Undue stress causes tightening of the muscles at the back; as a result, this part of the body lacks the energy to provide proper support to the spine.

Symptoms Of Lower Right Back Pain

It is impossible to treat any form of pain without having a proper understanding of the symptoms of the condition. First, it is important for you to know whether the pain remains concentrated in one particular area or whether it affects the adjoining areas in the back curbing your ability to sit and walk straight.

When you have chronic lower right back pain, you may experience a deep, aching, dull or burning sensation. In this case, the pain usually travels down the leg and makes you feel utterly uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the pain is caused due to an injury, you experience a sharp, deep pain in the lower right back.

How To Get Rid Of Lower Right Back Pain?

Exercise, yes, simple gentle exercise can greatly help in reducing pain in the lower right back. Exercises strengthen the core muscles thus saving you from such an unbearable painful condition.

However, do not just start with the exercise right away for the lower right back pain may also be caused due to stones in the kidney and other non-muscular problems. In such cases, exercise is not the right solution for the pain.

At times, anti-inflammatory medicines are prescribed for eliminating pain at the back, but this should be taken only under the strict supervision of an experienced medical professional.

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