Sharp Chest Pain

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A sharp chest pain is enough to scare someone. If one has a chest pain, he/she immediately has thoughts about having a heart attack and that is what makes us afraid as well as worried. Chest pain can develop due to cardiac causes as well as non-cardiac causes.

The Causes – Cardiac Ones

The main cause that results in a sharp chest pain is heart attack. A blood clot blocking the flow of blood to the heart muscles causes a harsh pain in the chest. The pain can spread over to the neck, back, shoulders, jaws and the left arm. Together with the sharp chest pain, one can also experience dizziness, shortness of breath and sweating.

Fatty deposits can grow in the arteries decreasing the blood flow to your heart. This can cause a chest pain or angina, which refers to tightness in the chest. This pain is related to a stressful physical activity; no sooner do you stop exerting yourself that the pain subsides and disappears.

Other reasons that can cause a chest pain may be the fatal aortic dissection. If the inner layers of the chief artery leading from your heart separate to make blood flow between them, you will be experiencing a sudden, excruciating pain in the chest.

If one suffers from the inflammation of the sac that surrounds your heart, one may experience a sharp chest pain. This condition, however, is gone in few seconds; it is related to viral infection. The condition, also known as pericarditis, results in a sharp and centralized chest pain.

The Causes – Non-cardiac Ones

It is not essential that whenever you have a chest pain, the reason is a problem with the heart; there can also be causes that are not related to the heart.

A panic attack or intense fear may be accompanied with a sharp chest pain, rapid heartbeats and shortness of breath.

Heartburn is a burning sensation behind the sternum (breastbone); it is triggered by a stomach acid that shoots up from your stomach to the esophagus, thus runs from your mouth to your stomach. This condition often follows a meal.

Other lung conditions, injured ribs, problems related to gall bladder and swallowing disorders are all included in the list of the non-cardiac causes for a sharp chest pain.

Directions For You To Follow

Try to denote the cause of the sharp chest pain, if you find that the pain is acute and unbearable then go and seek the advice of the doctor. Do not ignore the chest pain; it can also be something as serious as a heart attack.

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