Acne Blemish Treatment

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Acne blemish treatment is necessary for all who would not want to move about in the society with those ugly spots all over the face. Until recently, acne blemish treatment was quite expensive but now you have several economical treatment options.

Before we start with some of the most effective acne blemish treatment options, let us be acquainted with the ways of averting acne blemishes. Abstain from prick or even touching the whiteheads, pimples, for you usually develop acne scars and blemishes thus. Instead, try applying ice on the affected areas to make things appear normal and subdued.

Immense environmental pollution is one of the major reasons of acne formation on the skin. Along with this, stress and make-ups too play major roles. Wash your face regularly using a mild soap or cleanser at least two to three times a day. This will definitely help in eliminating all blemish causing impurities. When you are selecting make-ups for your acne-prone skin, pick up only the non-comedogenic cosmetics. These cosmetics do not clog the skin pores and hence do not encourage growth of acne causing bacteria or lead to acne outbursts.

A Quick Acne Blemish Treatment

You can indeed try this acne blemish treatment out. Take some cotton, put ten to fifteen drops of lemon juice over it and continue applying the cotton over your acne-affected area. Continue this for ten minutes and the juice of the lemon will start neutralizing the pH balance in the skin in order to prevent the formation of acne marks and blemishes. This apart, a number of home treatments and/or natural treatments work wonders on acne blemishes.

There are several products available in the market that help get rid of acne marks and blemishes. In order to achieve results with such products, however, you will have to plan a routine and work on it religiously. Thus, you can try out a series including a face wash, a cleanser and several day and night creams and lotions.

Best Acne Blemish Treatment

The best acne blemish treatment is the one that best suits your skin-type and is the right one for your acne condition. Doctors often recommend several antibiotics like Accutane, Clindamycin, Doxycycline, Erythromycin, Tetracycline, etc. Over-the-counter medications too are used for successful elimination of acne blemishes. These drugs should be taken at least once or twice in a day (as prescribed). Some of them even come with several side effects like vomiting, nausea and tooth and skin discoloration.

Therapies For Acne Blemishes

Some dermatologists are of the opinion that the ideal acne blemish treatment would be the use of light wave therapy or laser treatment. This treatment helps by eradicating acne-causing bacteria on the skin without causing any damage to the skin texture. Cryotherapy too is a significant treatment option in which case the temperature of the skin is lowered for healing several skin blemishes.

When things tend to get serious and complicated, you must make sure to visit a dermatologist who is sure to suggest some significant acne blemish treatment options based on your skin type.

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