Acne Laser Surgery

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Acne laser surgery fantastically works in both ways – eliminating acne scars and completely eradicating the existing acne lesions and boils. Laser surgery prevents the formation of ugly acne scars by preventing the growth and multiplication of acne causing bacteria and by curbing the activities of sebaceous glands.

Of recent, the popularity and the demand for acne laser surgery has gone up as dermatologists have discovered that laser surgery is one of the most perfect cures for acne scars.

The Process

In this, a concentrated beam of light (of a certain wavelength) is made to travel along one single path. This laser beam is perfectly able to cut, seal and vaporize skin tissues along with the surrounding blood vessels. (Both the intensity of the light and the duration for which it is used can differ in such a kind of surgery). Laser surgery is powerful but it is in no way an instant solution for acne scars. At times, you need months and even years to regain your lost look.

Types Of Laser Used In The Surgery

Resurfacing lasers (also known as ablative lasers) and non-ablative laser (referred to as non-wounding laser) are the two laser forms used in acne laser surgery. The resurfacing laser heats and eliminates the top skin tissue, which usually is achieved by burning away the scarred and damaged tissues. On the other hand, the non-ablative laser is used because of its capability to trigger adaptations within the dermis without giving way to any detrimental side effects.

Laser acne surgery is usually divided into two types – Smoothbeam and Clearlight laser surgeries – each of which has been proved by the FDA as perfect devices for treating acne scars up to a certain extent. Remember, a laser acne surgery is not meant for usual cases. It is a treatment option only for extreme conditions.

Limitations Of Acne Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is an expensive procedure and then, the effectiveness of the surgery depends upon the efficiency of the doctor.

Acne laser surgery can be considered both a medical and a cosmetic operation and thus most insurance companies do not come forward to pay for this kind of surgical procedure. Hence, before going for such a kind of surgery, you must make sure whether your insurance company will provide you with financial help in this case.

You need prior preparation for an acne laser surgery. At times, after the surgery you need prolonged periods of rest. As you will not be able to work on these days, you will need to inform your employer, granting you leave of absence.

If you are willing to go for an acne laser surgery, you must be ready to face the consequences. The only thing is that you should get the acne laser surgery done under the strict supervision of a trained and experienced doctor.

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