Acne Scar Treatment

Cure Acne for Good!

Nowadays, you literally have innumerable acne scar treatment options to choose from for the successful removal of irritating acne scars. Treatments such as dermal fillers, punch excision, punch elevation, subcutaneous incision and laser resurfacing, etc. work with great efficiency. Many a times, more than one methods of treatment are used for a fantastic spotless effect. Usually, acne scar treatments depend a lot on the kind of acne scarring you have. Hence, what acne scar treatment to adopt is generally decided after a proper analysis of the acne scars.

Here we discuss some of the most effective surgical acne scar treatment procedures:

Fillers – This is a way to add volume to your skin. You can use fillers singly or you may also use it in combination with other procedures. Fillers take care of acne scars by making them look absolutely flat. However, this particular scar treatment is not long lasting. For a more improved result, you must always re-inject fillers into the lesions at frequent intervals.

Chemical Peels – This acne scar treatment is also referred to as chemical resurfacing. Such a treatment option helps in the growth of new skin and makes your skin appear completely fresh and glowing. Chemical peeling is done by making use of various chemicals like glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid, “Jessners” solution, and phenol.

Subcision – This form of acne scar treatment is ideal for atrophic scarring. In this case, you are first given a local anesthesia after which a needle is carefully inserted just under the blemish below the surface of the skin in order to remove the scar tissue without damaging or harming the skin texture.

Dermabrasion – The other name for this scar treatment is mechanical resurfacing where aggressive equipments are used to successfully remove the outer layer of the skin for a look quite improved and admirable. Dermabrasion should only be done by an expert and efficient dermatologist. This treatment option is, however, unsuitable for people with dark skin color. This is because during the course of the treatment, there are high chances for hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin.

Punch Excision and Grafting – This acne scar treatment procedure is just perfect for deep ice pick scars. The success of such a treatment is quite obvious.

Laser Resurfacing – This is the best and the most trusted acne scar treatment. In this kind of treatment, a high-energy beam of light is utilized for targeting specific skin structures. Similar to dermabrasion, laser resurfacing helps in exterminating the outward layer of the skin. This type of acne treatment takes time and it should only take place under the guidance and instruction of an efficient and experienced dermatologist.

There are endless choices of acne scar treatment options but not all are suitable for your skin texture. Therefore, you need to choose the one, which is perfectly suited to your skin.

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