Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis treatment is inevitable to get relief from the excruciating pain one experiences in the different body joint. Arthritis is a Rheumatic disease, which is characterized by joint inflammation. The affected areas become red and develop swellings. The condition is accompanied by awful pain at these points, which eventually fail to function.

The most common type of Arthritis is called 'Osteoarthritis'. Most of the people worldwide are affected by this typical disease. The cartilaginous tissues (that cover the bone ends) are primarily affected and eventually they wear away. Consequently, the bones rub against each other, leading to joint pain and stiffness.

The Symptoms And The Causes Of The Pain

The common symptoms of arthritis are swelling of the joints, pain or tenderness in the joint and difficulty in movement. Arthritis is triggered by weaknesses of the cartilage or massive stress on the joints caused from recurring injuries. In any case, the environmental and genetic factors cannot be ignored.

Remember that for an accurate diagnosis of the pain, you should divulge every minute detail of your medical history to the doctor. You should answer frankly to all the questions of the doctor, to get fruitful result.

The Different Types Of Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis treatment is essential to get rid of the pain. Anyway, how will you know, which Arthritis treatment is the best for you. The most common treatments incorporate exercises, relaxation, medication and proper diet. Sometimes, splints and braces are also advised by the doctors, which are considered as the assisting devices.

Physical exercises are very important, as they keep the joints working and thus reduce the stiffness and insufferable pain. Strengthening exercises, range-of-motion exercises, aerobics or endurance exercises are very helpful in dispelling the pain. A proper diet chart is required to keep the weight in control. Too much growth of fat have negative impact on the joints, which only aggravates the pain.

Medication is considered an important arthritis treatment. Medications are helpful in providing relief from pain and inflammation. The names of the pain relievers include Acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory drugs like, Ibuprofen, which is effective in reducing the pain. Hyalgan and Synvisc (Hyorulonic Acid) can bring temporary relief to the unbearable pain. Heat and cold therapy (wherein you take heat and cold compresses alternatively) is also considered effective arthritis treatment. Relaxation therapy is also used to release the muscle tension and thus bring relief to the pain.

Surgery is an arthritis treatment usually recommended by the doctors. The treatment is effective in bringing relief to the pain in the joints damaged by arthritis and enables to restore joint function. Bone fusion, Arthoscopic surgery and Arthoplasty are some of the most successful treatments.

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