Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff

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An automatic blood pressure cuff comes with an automatic or digital blood pressure monitor. It needs just a push of a button and then you are sure to record an accurate blood pressure reading. Such a cuff is accompanied by a large LCD digital panel for the perfect display of automatic blood pressure and pulse readings.

An automatic blood pressure cuff comes with a 2-years manufacturing defect warranty. The cuff is an easy-to-apply d-ring standard cuff, which makes use of 4AA batteries and is highly compatible with AC adapters. The size of a standard automatic cuff ranges between 9 inches to 13 inches while that of a large adult cuff ranges between 13 to 17 inches.

The automatic blood pressure cuff is an easy to use device. Just take the cuff, wrap it around your arm and squeeze the bulb to inflate the cuff. Within seconds, the blood pressure and pulse readings are displayed on the large digital display. Experts of the American Society of Hypertension are of the opinion that D-ring cuff is the most easy to use and you can wear it quite conveniently around your arm.

The Specialties Of Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff

  • The cuff includes blood pressure monitor HEM-432, contoured D-ring arm cuff, inflation bulb and an illustrated instruction manual written both in Spanish and English.
  • It is very easy to use the cuff as you can squeeze the bulb quite easily
  • The accuracy and the efficacy of the cuff is clinically proven
  • The cuff comes with one year warranty

The Size Of The Cuff

The size of the automatic blood pressure cuff should match with the blood pressure monitor you are using. The models of the monitor are accompanied by cuffs of multiple sizes depending upon the shape of your arm. Most individuals desire to have a standard sized cuff except those who either have very large or very small arms. For this, you need to consult your nurse or physician who will definitely tell you what cuff size you will need.

The Omron models and the A+D Instrument monitors come with small, standard and large sized cuffs. Monitors, which are specially built for home use, belong to the automatic blood pressure cuff varieties and come with a wide array of arm sizes from medium to extra large.

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