Aveeno Skin Care Products

Aveeno Skin Care Products is the registered trademark name of the line of skin care products based on natural ingredients that is a part of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. This specialty line features products made from natural ingredients, such as flax, lavender, and soy, that have been valued for centuries for their skin-soothing effects.

The mild formulations of the Aveeno line use fewer harsh chemicals, detergents, fragrances, and pigments than many other products on today’s market. These products rely, instead, on the beneficial effects of natural botanicals.

The Aveeno product line first focused on products for women who wanted to maintain optimum skin condition with minimum exposure to harmful synthetic substances. The tremendous success of the women’s line led to the development of products for babies’ sensitive skin needs, too.

Aveeno products now include award-winning products for the face, body, and hair and specialty lines that feature produces for babies, sun protection, and lip treatments.

New Aveeno products addressing the specific skin care needs of diabetic patients have recently come on line and more products are under development.

Although the products are made for women and babies, masculine skin, too, is sure to benefit from the soothing effects of these mild but highly effective products.

Aveeno products are frequently cited in many of the leading fashion and health magazines as products of excellence. InStyle, Allure, and Shape magazines have each recently awarded honors to products in the Aveeno line and 1500 busy moms have declared the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion the best for kids, according to Child magazine.

With its reliance on the beneficial effects of botanical elements for beauty and healthcare treatments, it’s no wonder that Aveeno is actively involved with environmental protection measures, too. The company claims interest in the natural beauty of the environment as well as the natural beauty in you.

Aveeno products are widely available throughout the United States and Great Britain and in Korea, too.

Johnson & Johnson, long famous for their outstanding baby oil, is a name that has been trusted for generations. The newer line of Aveeno products seems to be gaining trust and popularity with as much enthusiasm as that very first skin care product most of us come to know and rely on.

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