Average Blood Pressure

Several controversies do the rounds regarding average blood pressure levels. At times, physicians find it quite difficult in deciding an ideal blood pressure range especially for an adult. For a grown up person, the average blood pressure level would be between 110/70 and 125/80. If the pressure readings stand at 100/60, then it is said that you have a low blood pressure. Similarly, if the blood pressure reads 140/90, then it is surely an indication of high blood pressure. Whether high, average or normal, it is first necessary to understand the process of blood circulation.

How Does Blood Circulate?

Blood circulation is a continuous process. However, its movement is not even throughout the body. It winds its way through a continuous series of spurts. First, the pressure peaks in a blood vessel following a heartbeat (when the heart pumps blood) and then slowly falls until the next heartbeat occurs.

Reasons For Having Different Blood Pressure Levels

People with normal health and pleasant food habits usually enjoy an average blood pressure level. In general, changes in the blood pressure level become quite normal with growing age. Again, studies have established that people with black skin mostly suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension while white skinned people usually have a low or average blood pressure level.

Now you might question as to how blood pressure levels can vary according to the color of the skin of an individual. The general opinion is that the difference in levels of blood pressure is influenced by socio economic and dietary factors. It has been noticed that countries under the poverty line have a higher average blood pressure levels. Actually, illiterate and poor people do not know how to eat well, how to keep them fit and healthy. They are more prone to bad habits. As a result, they develop blood pressure problems.

Recent Developments

The average blood pressure level has not been equal in all countries. This is essentially because of differences in food habits and life styles. It has been so that a high level of blood pressure was considered normal or average in several countries. Of recent, however, average blood pressure level has dropped in most of the countries around the world due to a host of significant causes. In countries like Japan, Belgium and Portugal the blood pressure level of the general populace has dropped quite astonishingly because of a number of reasons like:

  • A reduction in the amount of salt intake
  • A change in the style of food preservation
  • Quitting several bad habits like smoking and drinking
  • Development in methods of refrigeration
  • Rapid transportation of fresh foods
  • Improved treatment and medication

This change in the scenario has definitely been a new dawning for humankind as a whole.

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