Back Pain Causes

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It is important to identify back pain causes because only a correct cause identification will help you arrive at the best cure for the condition. Muscle strains are considered as one of the most usual lower back pain causes. Hence, you should always be in search of a treatment modality, which will support your back and provide utmost strength to your muscles. This can be done with a better understanding of the physiological limitations of the back along with best exercises, correct postures and appropriate lifting techniques.

Some of the other lower back pain causes include:

  • Constant use of the muscles that support the spine
  • Bending, twisting and straightening of the spine
  • A continuous stress on the back
  • Stress, anxiety and depression

The lower back portion of the body takes the maximum weight. Again, it is this part of the body that goes through excessive mechanical stress. Thus, with growing age and time, the lower back portion of the body is awfully bruised and battered internally.

Till now we have been discussing about muscles and ligament strains as significant back pain causes. However, there are other reasons too for your suffering from excruciating back pain. These include damaging of spinal nerves, bones or discs. People who are more than sixty-five years of age often suffer from osteoarthritis as a common cause for back pain. Even kidney problems can lead to unbearable pain in the back.

What Should One Do?

If a back pain continues for more than three months, it is referred to as a form of chronic back pain. A back pain, which lasts for several days should at once be diagnosed and treated by a competent doctor. In discussing about several back pain causes you may find that, at times, back pain is accompanied by a kind of numbness and downward pain in the legs. Such a condition is definitely in need of a quick medical treatment.

Again, in trying to deal with several back pain causes, you need to know that the severity of the back pain is not linked with the severity of the damage or injury under any circumstances. Thus, a back pain caused due to herniated disc is not as severe as a back pain caused due to simple muscle strain.

After analyzing the causes, the physician may recommend a surgery to get rid of such an agonizing condition. Under such circumstances, you should always go for a second opinion. For example, if you are suffering from back pain due to herniated disc a surgery can in no way bring you complete relief. Therefore, you should never go for a treatment without having a proper understanding of various back pain causes and without giving the topic a deep thought.

Always remember that it is you and only you who can improve your condition if you have a perfect understanding of most back pain causes.

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