Back Pain Symptoms

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Neglecting back pain symptoms can lead to dire consequences. Actually, back pain is considered as a dangerous medical condition, where the bones and joints of the back are badly affected. Sometimes, the real reasons cannot be pinpointed, but in the due course of time, the situation can take a serious turn. Immediate consultation with a certified medical professional post detection of back pain symptoms is very essential to stop the condition from further deteriorating.

Back pain can be the result of spasms or muscle tension, poor muscle tone in the back, tearing of muscles or ligaments, joint problems and bone weaknesses. A long period of sitting and standing can add up to the causes. However, those involved in lifting heavy loads can also suffer from serious back pain. Other causes of back pain are ulcers, arthritis, kidney diseases, pregnancy, intestinal problems, gynecological conditions, bone injuries, heart diseases and cancer, etc.

The Back Pain Symptoms

The first manifestation of back pain symptoms is a severe pain concentrated in the lower back that spreads to the other areas. The pain can be very severe, like a sharp-edged knife or like a burning sensation. At the beginning, the pain can make you feel very uncomfortable and then the sufferer may feel those portions totally numb. The symptoms are more or less similar for all:

  • The pain starts from the lumbosacral area that is the lower part of the back.
  • The pain may be limited to your lower back or it may radiate to the front, side or back of the leg.
  • With growing activities, the pain becomes worse.
  • If the victim feels the pain getting worse during night or after long hours of sitting, then he/she should know that the condition is serious.
  • You may have a numbness or weak feeling that may be triggered by compressed nerves.

The low back pain symptoms are common with most of the afflicted. However, some may face contradictory back pain symptoms; thus, after hours of sleep, they may find the pain much less. The intensity of the pain stays for almost 2 to 4 weeks and after that the pain starts to lessen. Nonetheless, the pain can range from mild to severe and from short term to long term. Sometimes the pain can run down to the foot, following the sciatic nerve, thus making the condition worse. Hence, the moment you notice back pain symptoms, it is advisable to seek a doctor's opinion.

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