Back Pain Treatment

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Back pain treatment is gaining grounds, with more and more individuals becoming targets of severe back pain. The daily activities and the mounting workload are victimizing people at an alarming rate. Exercises and healthy diet can only mend the uncomfortable situation and give relief to your pain.

The symptoms of back pain are many and if an individual confronts the problem, then he/she should immediately visit the doctor. The real causes of back pain can be pinned down on damaged muscles or nerve irritation. Damaged muscles cause back muscle pain, difficulty in twisting or walking. Nerve irritation triggers Sciatica, which cause pain to the Sciatica nerves and thus sparks problem in the legs down the feet.

Choosing The Right Back Pain Treatment

The right back pain treatment can only bring lasting relief to the pain. However, the type of treatment is generally determined by the kind of pain you are feeling. Therefore, you should first categorize the pain – identifying it as mild, moderate or severe – before deciding on the appropriate treatment.

Exercises are the most common back pain treatment option. You may try yoga or tai chi. The weight exercises are the best as they challenge your weight. If you are suffering from lower back pain, then you have to follow exercises as directed by the doctor.

Medication can work wonders. It enables you to have control over your helpless condition and give you the confidence and mental strength to combat the insufferable pain. Sometimes, the pain is best treated after knowing the cause of the pain.

Severe pain can trigger anxiety and mental pressure. In such times of crisis, reading and counseling are very important to ease down the tension. Many take help of the medicines and drugs sold in the market. Acetominophen and non-inflammatory drugs are helpful. Narcotics and muscle relaxants can also be used.

Passive modalities are sometimes used to treat the pain. The patient is given the treatments, one after the other; these treatments do not call for any physical activity/involvement from the patient. The different treatments include hot and cold compresses, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, acupuncture and traction.

Steroid injections too are said to bring immense relief to the patients and is a very effective back pain treatment. Injections are usually applied to those areas, which are considered to be the source of the pain.

Another back pain treatment option that is usually resorted to in very acute cases are surgical methods. Spinal fusion is a commonly performed option. The real objective is to get rid of the portion, which is causing the pain. Eventually, a solid piece of bone will grow on the part.

'Disc Replacement' is also considered as an effective back pain treatment. The treatment is about removing the damaged disc and replacing it with artificial components. It may take time for you to adjust with the new structure, but in due course of time, you will regain body mobility.

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