Blood Pressure Children

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The term, 'blood pressure children' draws attention to abnormal blood pressure among children. High blood pressure or hypertension among children is rising at an alarming rate and even infants cannot be excluded from the affected list.

Blood Pressure Among Children

Right from the early 2000, 'blood pressure children' is quite a familiar term in the medical world. Yes, both children and adolescents are suffering from high blood pressure. Researches conducted in this regard have shown that children aged between 8 and 17 years are prone to be affected by high blood pressure problems if they are overweight or suffer from obesity.

'Blood pressure children' is a concept that should be a cause of concern. The normal blood pressure for young kids depends on a particular child's age, gender and height. Hypertension in kids generally do not show any symptoms, thus it becomes quite difficult for the doctors to diagnose it.

'Blood pressure children' is also related with the term 'juvenile hypertension'. Juvenile hypertension denotes a blood pressure, which is higher than what 95 percent of children of their age, gender and height. Though it is true that children seldom suffer from acute form of high blood pressure, it cannot be denied that even mild to moderate high blood pressure, if ignored in kids, can gradually result in damaging the blood vessels, kidneys and heart.

Reasons For Increase Of Blood Pressure Children

In children, blood pressure level seems to rise during the stages of growth and maturation, changes in position and physical activity, and an increase in body weight. It is highly recommended for the kids with hypertension, not to start smoking or if they are already into the bad habit, to quit smoking.

The big head-ache for anxious parents, 'blood pressure children' can be uprooted thoroughly if parents can persuade their children to avoid some bad-habits like abstaining from sugar-laden sodas, unhealthy snacks while spending long hours playing video games or simply sitting idly before the television set. Parents should try their level best to incorporate healthy habits among the children.

Children who have extremely high blood pressure must essentially stay away from certain activities, like bodybuilding, weight and power-lifting, and even strength training. Children should engage in these only when the blood pressure has been brought under control and the doctors give them the 'green signal' for going ahead with these activities.

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