Blood Pressure Cuff

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Blood pressure cuff should be in proper size with the radius of the upper part of your arm. An improper cuff size can produce incorrect readings, which means wrong treatment for your health. Before confronting any dire consequences, it is important to check the blood pressure cuff size.

How the Blood pressure cuff helps?

Primarily, the cuff is worn around the upper part of the arm, which is of equal height to the heart. The cuff is attached to a rubber bulb. The bulb is squeezed to blow in air into the cuff. The process is continued, until the artery is occluded. For a moment, the blood flow is hindered from flowing into the artery. At this point, the manometer measures the blood pressure. The device used for measuring blood pressure consists of blood pressure cuff and manometer.

Systolic and Diastolic are the two types of blood pressure. The doctor places a stethoscope near the brachial artery. As the air from the cuff is let out, blood begins to pulse into the artery with a whooshing sound. The point at which the sound is heard is known as 'systolic blood pressure'. 'Diastolic blood pressure' is the point at which the sound was last heard.

Understanding the blood pressure cuff size

Blood pressure cuff size for the adults can vary. There is no standardized size and therefore, there is possibility for 'undercuffing'. This is the most common blood pressure error. The radius or size of the upper part of the arm is bound to differ. You cannot even expect to learn the definite cuff size for your arm from the medical personnel. However, you can do one thing to enable yourself with the right cuff size. To learn better, you can browse through the cuff size guidebook and learn about the assorted cuff size specifications.

Those women who are close to average size can use the regular cuff. But those who are overweight should choose the larger cuffs. However, it may so happen that your arm is much thinner compared to your body. In that case, you can use a cuff relatively of small size, but if you have heavy arm, then you should definitely opt for a large size cuff. To get the right cuff, you can measure the circumference of your arm and then use the right cuff size.

Sometimes, it so happens that the clinics order smaller size cuffs to cut down the cost of ordering large size cuff. Hence, it is advisable to purchase a cuff of your choice, along with the blood pressure device. You must also try to use the same cuff consistently for a long period. This helps in producing the correct and consistent reading. Remember, that if you change your cuff, then it is important to check the cuff size to ensure the right reading.

Blood pressure cuff is available in four different sizes. Instead of depending on the clinic, it is empowering to have the right cuff size of your own.

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