Blood Pressure Cuffs

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Blood pressure cuffs are also known as inflatable cuffs. A blood pressure cuff is usually wrapped around on the upper left arm of an individual maintaining the similar height of the heart. You have to inflate blood pressure cuffs until the large artery of the body is completely obstructed. This is done by the repeated squeezing of the rubber bulb, which momentarily brings about a kind of hindrance in the flow of blood.

Blood pressure cuffs and manometer together constitute to make up a blood pressure meter the other name of which is sphygmomanometer. When the inflated cuff is busy restricting the normal flow of blood, the manometer constantly goes on measuring the pressure of the blood.

Blood pressure cuffs help in measuring the systolic and the diastolic levels of blood pressure. The person who is measuring your blood pressure slowly and steadily releases the pressure in the cuff and at the same time keeps an ear with the stethoscope, which is suitably positioned near the brachial artery. Initially when the blood starts pulsating in the artery a whooshing sound is created and the pressure, which is heard with this first sound, is termed as your systolic blood pressure. On the other hand, the pressure that is recorded at the last hearing of the sound is referred to as diastolic blood pressure.

Pressure cuffs are mostly available from pharmacies or medical supplies company. However, the size of the cuff, which you choose to buy, should suit your arm perfectly, otherwise you are going to have wrong blood pressure readings. Therefore, first measure the circumference of your upper arm and then attempt to purchase the cuff you need.

Adult or regular sized blood pressure cuffs are perfectly shaped for average-sized individuals. On the other hand, large adult cuffs are meant for those who are extra healthy. However, if the cuff fits you rightly the matter does not end over there. A right fitting does not mean that the size of the cuff is just right for you. Here the size of the cuff is not what matters the most, it is about the length and width of the inflated bladder, which you usually find inside the cuff. The measurement of the bladder has to match your arm perfectly.

Remember, that only a perfect choice of blood pressure cuffs is surely going to provide you with an accurate blood pressure reading.

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