Blood Pressure Headaches

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People with high blood pressure are no strangers to blood pressure headaches. It is the general view that headaches are directly related to high blood pressure or hypertension.

Headaches, however, are not universally believed to be the symptoms of high blood pressure and the following study will prove the same:

Study Conducted In Poland

One hundred and fifty high blood pressure patients in Poland were prescribed blood pressure reducing medications. These patients were asked to wear a 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor, which took the blood pressure reading every 20 minutes in a day and every 30 minutes in the night. During the 24-hour period, 43 of the patients were reported to have a headache that lasted for the duration of about three hours.

The study revealed that in most patients with high blood pressure readings, the headaches were not associated. Intake of blood pressure lowering medications too has not had any effects on the relation between headache and blood pressure.

What Do The Doctors Have To Say?

Blood pressure headaches have always been an uncertain area of discussion. Though it is true that people who suffer from very high blood pressure do experience blood pressure headaches as an outcome, but this is really very rare and negligible. Doctors too, from time to time, have expressed a similar opinion.

Certain studies also proved that the blood pressure headaches became active once the person had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. This may be due to the anxiety that a patient goes through once he/she comes to know of his/her high blood pressure condition.

Of course, some studies have shown that people with hypertension are more prone to migraine headaches (at least when compared to people with normal blood pressure). However, the best treatment for headaches or as you may like to call it, blood pressure headaches, is the conventional pain killer, like aspirin.

In rare cases when you have headaches due to a high blood pressure, coffee can be a lot of help, but for a short period. Coffee constricts the blood vessels as well as the flow of blood to the head, and this relieves the headache that has been caused by high blood pressure.

Though high blood pressure is not directly linked to headaches, you can always rush to the doctor in case you have a persistent headache.

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