Blood Pressure Prevention

A panacea to the dreaded ailments like heart attack, stroke and kidney damage is blood pressure prevention. Various preventive measures can be adopted to avoid high blood pressure (also known as Hypertension) problems. The most simple and effective is believed to be changes in lifestyle. Some complementary therapies can also be effective.

Before learning about blood pressure prevention, an important thing that you need to know is – what is high blood pressure? Typically, the blood pressure reading of 140/90 mm Hg or more denotes high blood pressure. Both the limits are important, if either of them is high, you must consider it as high blood pressure. Those with uncontrollable high blood pressure suffer higher chances of stroke, are more vulnerable to congestive heart failure and have higher chances of heart attack.

There are ways you can help control your blood pressure. By combining changes to lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and smoking with drugs and complementary therapies, even the most severe cases of high blood pressure problems can be significantly controlled. Once you have the readings and feel that you are at a risk of developing hypertension, adopt a healthy diet and active lifestyle to prevent the symptoms.

Deciding for a lifestyle change, you would require developing a routine to be followed sincerely. The routine must emphasize on a healthy diet, physical activities and complementary therapies. The diet must include vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy foods, foods with less salt and sodium. You will also have to restrict intake of alcoholic beverages.

Tips For Blood Pressure Prevention

Here are some measures that can assist in blood pressure prevention:

Stress Reduction – Stress, being a part of body's instincts, can lead to high blood pressure. Stress and anxiety can be reduced through complementary therapies, physical activity and relaxation techniques.

Exercises – A major cause of hypertension is lack of physical activity. A viable technique for blood pressure prevention is regular exercises such as walking.

Restricting Alcohol Consumption – Excessive alcohol consumption is sure to affect blood pressure in the long run. Those of you with risk of hypertension must not exceed two drinks per day (for males) and one day per week for females.

Quit Smoking – Although smoking is not directly responsible for hypertension, it can increase the risk of hypertension. The safest option is to stop smoking.

Relaxation Techniques – An effective way of blood pressure prevention is using techniques such as yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, floatation, aromatherapy, and massage. All these tend to lower blood pressure by aiding improved circulation; it relieves stress and tension, side-by-side regulating heart rhythm.

Complementary Medicine – Drug therapy along with lifestyle changes will effectively reduce blood pressure. They together provide relief from stress and help in relaxing.

Before trying out lifestyle changes to counter the risk of hypertension, consult a doctor at first. Prepare a list of precautions and act according to the doctor's advice for blood pressure prevention.

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