Blood Pressure Treatment

Doctors can help you know the best blood pressure treatment. Though the treatments are manifold, but only a few may bring relief to your condition. Blood pressure may be defined as the pressure with which blood forces against the walls of the arteries.

Blood Pressure Treatment – What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is of two types – 'Systolic blood pressure' and 'Diastolic blood pressure'. Blood is pumped in and out of the artery, when our heart beats and rests. When the heart beats, blood is pumped into the arteries. At this point, the pressure is at its highest, known as 'Systolic' pressure.

Between the heart beats, when the heart rests, blood is pumped out of the arteries and at this point the pressure is at its lowest, known as 'Diastolic' pressure. The blood pressure reading is taken as Systolic/Diastolic. The normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHG. Too much below and above this level can causer health problems. Blood pressure at 140/90 mmHG is considered as High blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Treatment

Blood pressure abnormalities can be averted by changing to healthier ways of living. A good dietary plan and a healthy routine can put your condition on ease. Hypertension plays hostile to blood pressure. Therefore, your prime objective should be to combat hypertension. Start by following DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), which is considered the most appropriate blood pressure treatment by many. This can be followed by taking notice of your food habit. You should cut down on salt and sodium and have more vegetables, fruits and low-dietary fats.

Exercises can be a good blood pressure treatment. Walking can be very beneficial, therefore try to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Try to refrain from smoking and abandon alcohol intake. But in spite of taking these healthy changes, blood pressure can remain too high. In that case, you need to seek to medicines.

The following medicines can be the best blood pressure treatment:

Beta Blockers – This slows down your heart and pumps less blood through the blood vessels. This brings down the pressure of the blood through your veins.

Diuretics – This medicine enables to drain out the extra water and salt from your kidney and as a result, the water in your blood is also flushed out. This helps to bring down your blood pressure.

Angiotensin – Angiotensin II is a hormone that narrows your blood vessels. But, Angiotensin inhibits the hormone from narrowing the vessels and as a result this relaxes the blood pressure flowing through the vessels and thus, brings down the blood pressure.

Calcium Chanel blockers – This inhibits the calcium from entering the muscle cells of your heart. As a result, your blood pressure is brought down.

Taking care of your self is the best blood pressure treatment. Keep track of your blood pressure and inform the doctor about the reading. If you notice any serious side effects, then inform your doctor. Try to have the medicine as directed by the doctor. Maintain a healthy life and fix follow up appointments with your doctor.

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