Body Acne Treatment

Cure Acne for Good!

The body acne treatment is gaining popularity with many confronting acne attacks on various parts of their body. The largest organ of our body is the skin, which covers our whole body. Acne attack is quite frequent on the face and the neck. However, the others parts are not spared, such as the shoulder, chest, back and buttocks.

Body acne is quite a common problem with many. It is caused by assorted reasons like, the purse strap, which causes friction and results into acne attacks. The dirt ingrained in the strap can also be blamed. Another contributing factor can be the sports equipments, especially the clothes and the pads, which have constant friction with the body parts. The buttocks are the most vulnerable areas, as the clothing on that part all the times can cause friction.

Besides, the above reasons, hormone change and stress related problems can be the crucial cause of acne attack on the body. Tight fitting clothes, cell phones, tight collars, backpacks and helmets can be the other causes. In gist, it can be said that dead skin cells, bacteria, oil production on the skin, tight clothes and other equipments, which have a constant friction with the body can be main reasons for body acne attacks.

Body Acne Treatment To Relieve Your Skin from the Disconcerting Situation

However, home remedies, medicines, natural treatments are available to soothe the acne condition. But you have to choose the right body acne treatment for yourself. Hence, it will be the best to consult a doctor beforehand and select the best body acne treatment. Tetracycline and Minocycline are suggested by many doctors. Topical medicine Retinoid A is sometimes used to discard the acne problem.

The best way to keep body acne at bay is by cleaning the area with salicylic acid based cleanser. Then, you can wipe the area with Benzoyl Peroxide or salicylic acid. AcnEase can be the best option for you to dispel the acne attack.

Home remedies are a viable body acne treatment option. Oil can work wonders for your skin. Calendula oil, lavender oil, almond oil, olive oil, chamomile oil, tea tress oil are the best options. You can take all the mentioned oil and pour in a container. Take a few drops of the mixed oil on the affected area and then apply aloe vera oil to soothe the affected area. This will reduce the inflammation and drive away the acne.

Body Acne Treatment – Tips for avoiding body acne

After workouts at the gym, you should take a bath and keep your body clean.
Avoid wearing tight clothes.
Exfoliating can be the best body acne treatment. You can use manual, brush or mechanical on the affected area. In this way, you can remove the dead cells.
Keep your hair clean and avoid eating spicy food.
Keep your skin oil free.
Consult doctor at timely intervals.

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