Diabetes Diet

Being diagnosed with diabetes for some is almost like a life sentencing for some, especially those who enjoy eating a variety of foods. Yet a diabetes diet is important to follow, for a diabetic it could even mean the difference between life and death. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, their body is unable to properly produce and use insulin. Therefore is unable to convert sugars and starches.

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Once receiving this diagnose the first line of treatment may be to get started right away on a diabetes diet plan. This type of diet according to the American Diabetic Association must consist of adding more starches to your diet. This would include breads, cereals and starchy vegetables, your aim would be to eat approximately six servings of these types of food daily, more if possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables is a daily necessity also for those looking to get on a diabetes diet. You will need to eat five or more servings daily; these can be eaten raw or cooked. Make a big pot of stew or some chili, dump in extra vegetables as part of your daily serving requirements.

Many think that a diabetic is unable to eat sugar at all, not so. Diabetics can eat sweets, but as with anything, moderation is the key. Being on a diabetes diet is no different, adding sweets to your diet once or twice a week will be about all your body can handle. Instead of eating sweets on a daily basis, why not set aside two special days a week that you look forward to eating that slice, not slices, of cake as your reward for being good. This should be enough to satisfy that craving for something sweet and gives you something to look forward too in a few more days.

If you are still not sure how to devise your very own diabetes diet, make an appointment with a local dietician who can help you eat for better health.

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