Diastolic Blood Pressure

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Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure that blood exerts on the walls of the arteries when the heart is relaxing between two heartbeats. The diastolic BP reading is shown as the bottom or lower number; like the systolic blood pressure, it is measured in millimeter of mercury (mm Hg).

Facts About Diastolic Blood Pressure

Recent studies have established that the importance of systolic blood pressure level is greater in comparison to diastolic pressure; however, diastolic BP remains vital, especially for younger people. (With growing age, however, diastolic BP falls and systolic blood pressure rises constantly.) The higher the diastolic BP reading, the higher will be the risks of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failures.

What Does Diastolic Blood Pressure Do?

The diastolic pressure helps in normal flow of blood through all the blood vessels in order to supply the cells with required amount of oxygen and nutrients; the removal of waste materials from the body is also completed as part of this blood circulation procedure.

Low And High Diastolic Pressure Levels

When diastolic blood pressure becomes too low (say 60 or even less), it is referred to as hypotension or low blood pressure. In such a condition, blood fails to supply essential nutrients as well as oxygen to various cells; the ability to remove waste matters from the body is also lost in these circumstances. As a result, body cells start dying. On the other hand, diastolic BP reading equal to 90 or more than that is an indication of high blood pressure and can prove fatal.

Treating A High Level Of Diastolic Blood Pressure

Change your lifestyle if you indeed want to keep your diastolic pressure problems at bay. Stop smoking or reduce your alcohol consumption to keep your diastolic BP level normal and in check. Switch to low fat intake, regular exercise and limit your daily salt intake. Such things will definitely bless you with a better life and existence.

When your diastolic blood pressure level is high, make sure to consult your physician who will recommend you medicines and essential life changes to bring your blood pressure under control. Do not be stubborn if you want to live long and enjoy a disease free life. Listen to what your doctor says.

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