Hallelujah Diet

The Hallelujah Diet is said to follow the diet pattern that was laid out in the bible for first century Christians to eat. The founder of this mostly raw natural diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is the Rev. George A. Malkmus. The founder of the Hallelujah diet says that the diet is taken not only from the bible, but also from research and personal experiences.

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By following the Hallelujah Diet, founder Rev. Malkmus has made claims that he was cured of colon cancer. His wife Rhonda Jean has made similar claims that after following the diet and engaging in an exercise program, she lost 85 lbs. and her symptoms of severe arthritis were gone. It is also estimated that approximately one million people have tried this diet, many of whom claimed to have received great results.

A typical day on the Hallelujah Diet would include one serving of barley mix powder; the purpose of the powder is to cleanse the system. Mid morning, one would drink an eight-ounce glass of vegetable juice with flax seed. Lunchtime is met with more barley mix powder, raw vegetables and fruit. For an afternoon snack, you would drink an eight-ounce glass of vegetable juice with some trail mix. Dinnertime starts with another serving of barley mix powder with a non-head lettuce and pasta.

There seems to be some good in this diet when used on a short-term basis. Many people have reported good results while on this diet. If you are well disciplined and have clear in your mind what your purpose is, this diet may work for you. Although as with any alternative form of dietary plan, there is no guarantee that you will receive the same results as some of the previous users. It is always important when dealing with any serious illness to consult your doctor before starting on an alternative form of treatment.

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