Hip Pain Causes

It is essential to know the many hip pain causes so that appropriate treatment can be directed to heal the severe pain. People between 0 and 15 years as well as those above 45 years of age are the common targets. The 1990 research survey has revealed that the number of hip fractures will cross the 5,00,000 mark by the year 2040.

The various hip pain causes are being listed below:

Trochanteric Bursitis is one of the prime hip pain causes. The pain arises from the inflammation of the bursa and slowly spreads to the outside of the hip joint.

Arthritis can be blamed for hip pain. Arthritis is a very common problem and causes serious pain all over the back and hip. Sometimes, the hip is badly affected and right treatment is required to mend the hip problem.

Osteonecrosis can also cause hip pain. It is a sickening condition, wherein blood flow to a particular part of the bone is stopped. As a result, the cells in that part of the bone die and it collapses. The hip joint is susceptible to Osteonecrosis.

Snapping Hip Syndrome, at times, leads to hip pain. Hip pain or problem can arise under three circumstances – firstly, when the IT band moves over the outside of the thigh, secondly, when the deep hip flexor snaps over the hip joint (which is in the front) and thirdly, when a mild fracture or tearing is caused to the cartilage or labrum surrounding the hip socket.

Hip Fracture is one of the serious hip pain causes. Elderly people, suffering from osteoporosis, often develop hip fractures and this can cause grave pain.

Childhood Hip Problems can also cause hip pain. With growing years, the hips may get dislocated or may go out of shape, leading to severe pain. People with such problems are at the risk of developing early arthritis and usually face serious problems with walking.

Much as it is important to know about the hip pain causes, it is also very essential that you know the symptoms. Unless and until you know the symptoms, you will not be aware of the impending health problem. Only then will it be possible for you to get rid of the problem.

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