Lower Blood Pressure

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Changing lifestyle can be a logical way to lower blood pressure. Before you learn about the reasons for high blood pressure, you should know what causes blood pressure.

When the heart beats, blood is pumped into the arteries and a certain amount of pressure is exerted on the artery walls. The pressure exerted on the artery walls immediately as blood comes out of the heart is measured as 'Systolic' blood pressure. When the heart rests between beats, blood is pumped out of the arteries and the pressure of blood within the arteries fall. Blood pressure measure taken at this point is known as 'Diastolic' blood pressure. The normal or healthy blood pressure reading is 120/80 mm HG.

What Triggers High Blood Pressure?

The presence of a kind of enzyme (known as Angiotensin) in the blood can be detrimental. This chemical contracts the muscles around the blood vessels and thus narrows down the vessels. As a result, the pressure with which blood flows in the muscles increase and this tends to shoot up the blood pressure. Such a condition, when both the systolic and diastolic readings rise above their normal levels (and continue to be abnormal over a prolonged period of time), is known as high blood pressure or 'hypertension'.

Hypertension makes one vulnerable to heart attacks, strokes and other heart damages. In order to avoid fatal consequences, one should make every attempt to lower blood pressure. The market is inundated with assorted medicines. The names incorporate ARB (Angiotensin Receptor Blockers), CCB (i.e., Calcium), Diuretics and many more. However, exercises and a proper lifestyle can also help lower blood pressure.

Helpful Tips To Lower Blood Pressure

Remember that high blood pressure can lead to grave consequences. Therefore, it is always safe to follow some preventive methods before it is too late.

A changed lifestyle can bring effective results. Firstly, quit smoking if you want to lower your blood pressure. In the initial days, you may find it very difficult, but the craving for nicotine can be reduced by having small quantity of sunflower seeds every day. Instead of relying on the same diet, have a changed diet in consultation with the doctor. Alcohol can have serious effects on your health, hence cut down on its intake.

Also, try to have lots of seaweeds, as they are very effective in reducing blood pressure. Seaweeds work by dissolving fat accumulation on the walls of the blood vessels. This helps maintain a steady heart beat.

Garlic acts as medicine to lower blood pressure. Actually, garlic proves helpful in reducing phospholipids and cholesterol; hence, it strengthens ones body immunity and lowers the chances of stroke. In addition, to lower blood pressure, you should try to reduce salt intake. Meditation can also work wonders. A relaxed mind can reduce the stress level and thus lower blood pressure.

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