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Those of you willing to pass a drug test must gather enough information and products to make sure that you pass it easily. Essentially a drug test is a typical process in which urine samples are technically examined in order to detect the presence or absence of specified drugs or it metabolized traces.

Normally, drug test is divided into two different segments. Most of you are familiar with the first type of test. In this type of test, the donor has to provide a sample of some bodily fluid or hair to the doctor, employer, testing center or law enforcement official. Such tests normally require a sample of urine, saliva, blood, hair or other oral fluid. After collection of the sample, it is sealed and sent to laboratory for analysis.

To pass a drug test means that you have an accurate, legally appropriate and customized document for a particular demographic group. However, such a test can be highly expensive and requires some days (up to 4 days) before you can actually get the results.

Some Tips To Pass A Drug Test

A drug test is required in a number of areas such as employee drug-tests, military drug-tests, athletics drugs-tests, etc. Here are some of the ways, which would help you pass a drug test:

Of course, the best idea to pass a drug test is to avoid the drugs that one is usually tested for.

Now, if you have indulged, know the period of detection for the drugs you are using. For instance, cannabis (marijuana) is detectable anywhere between 2-3 days to 12 weeks (normally 3-4 weeks), whereas alcohol stays in the system for 12-24 hours after consumption. So, in such a case, be as late as possible, to submit the fluid sample.

Also to pass a drug test, you can drink plenty of water before urine test. The water would dilute your urine making it difficult to get satisfactory results. They would ask you to provide a new sample, by which time detectable quantities of the substances might be out of your system. Also, take drinks with vitamin B and drink lots of water to pass a drug test definitely.

Another easy way to pass a drug test is to drink excessive (at least 2 gallons) of cranberry juice if you have been taking cocaine.

There are also over the counter medication that can make the results negative. However, avoid taking excess of such OCT medication, as these can seriously affect your liver.

If you have consumed opiates, you must convince them, saying you had poppy seed bagel. This would give an assumed positive for opiates and let you pass a drug test.

Another contorted method can be to switch the urine samples with that of your friend. Carry it with you and pour it into the collection bottle. Although once in the testing sites you would be asked to remove items in your pockets, it depends on your adeptness to sneak in another sample.

Replace your urine with synthetic urine (such as Ultra Pure or Quick Fix) and ensure that it is within the temperature range of 94°-100°F.

Lastly, if it is a case of your employers, go legal. Remember, it is illegal to deny employment on the basis of a drug test. You have the right to re-take the test with a new sample.

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