Slim Fast Diet

When it comes to dieting, Slim Fast Diet is a name that is widely recognized. It works by replacing breakfast and lunch with one of their well-balanced shakes, which are high in nutrition and gives you a sense of fullness after you drink them. You also have a choice of eating a meal bar instead if you prefer. The Slim Fast Diet shakes and bars are very important as they contain one-third of your daily nutrient requirements to stay healthy, and they include up to five grams of fiber. Being that the shakes and meal bars are made nutritionally sound, you are able to safely replace the most important meal of the day with them.

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The goal of the creators of the Slim Fast Diet is for you not to get bored with eating the same thing day in and day out. Therefore, they have given you the option to combine some of your favorite healthy lunchtime foods in with your shake or meal bar. You are allowed to add 200 calories along with your shake or meal bar at lunchtime. An example of this would be having half of a turkey sandwich with your shake, or eating a meal bar along with a mini pizza, that is right pizza. If you prefer to eat on the lighter side for lunch eat a meal bar with some low fat yogurt and fresh fruit, or a salad. By being able to include these extras while you are on the Slim Fast Diet does not seem so restrictive.

Now the time of day you have been waiting for is dinnertime. Again, you need to be reminded that you are working towards calorie reduction with the Slim Fast Diet, so the same principle follows suit even when you are dinning at dinnertime. With that in mind, that maximum calorie intake at dinnertime should only be approximately 500 calories. Your 500 calories should not all come from one source, rather should be portioned out. The suggested portions are to fill one-quarter of your plate with lean protein, which may include skinless chicken, turkey fish, or beef. Another quarter of your plate will be starches such as potatoes, corn, pasta/noodles, and whole wheat bread, and it is preferred that whole grains are used when at all possible. Then the other half of your plate that is left you will fill with vegetables. Add a salad on the side and one serving of fruit or fruit salad for dessert and you will forget you are even on a diet.

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