South Beach Diet

In simple terms, the South Beach Diet works by simply substituting bad carbohydrates and fats with the good ones. This is a very basic concept to follow. Those who plan to try the South Beach Diet should know that it works in three phases.

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The first phase of the South Beach Diet you will an almost normal diet which will consist of chicken, beef, turkey, fish, lots of vegetables, eggs, cheeses, and salads. On your salads, you must be sure to use 100% olive oil as your dressing. If you have not guessed yet, no carbs, all bread, rice, pasta, baked goods, fruit, candy, cakes, cookies, ice cream and sugar is out during this phase. However, you can have it back later. You will stay on phase one of this diet for two weeks. And please, do drink all of the coffee and tea you want along with the recommended amounts of water daily.

In phase two of this diet is unique in the fact that for each individual person the time spent in phase two is different, and is determined by how their body reacts. It is normal to have lost between 8 to 13 pounds by this point in the diet. By this point in the diet cravings for those bad foods you use to eat should be nonexistent, and you are heading towards the pattern of maintaining good eating habits. Now comes the good part you are now able to start adding some of the foods you took out of your diet back in. In phase two of the South Beach Diet if you would love to have a piece of chocolate cake, go for it, but just one piece and not on a daily basis. Moderation is the key. Your weight loss will not be as much as with phase one but you will see a reduction.


The last phase of the South Beach Diet is phase three, once you have hit your target weight you are ready to move on to this phase. In this phase is where you will stay for a lifetime, as you will be working to maintain your desired weight. By now, your new way of eating has become a way of life, so if you find at times your weight has started to creep upwards, just a little modification of your daily meals will get you back on track.

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