Treatment for Acne

Cure Acne for Good!

Treatment for acne is not just one; rather, there are several treatments for acne. It is literally impossible to pin down one of them as the best treatment option. The best way to arrive at the best treatment for acne is to opt for the cure that most suits the acne condition. However, if you feel things going out of your hand, it would be best if you consult a dermatologist who will best suggest you the required treatment for acne, boils and pimples.

Treating Mild Acnes

If you have a mild acne condition, you should gently wash the area twice a day regularly, using soap and warm water. After the area has been cleansed, you can apply over-the-counter cream and other similar products like Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. Such stuffs you can get from the nearest pharmacies kill bacteria on the epidermis.

In all cases, a proper skin care treatment is essential. Improvement in the acne-affected condition is indeed not an overnight process. It takes time to heal. Vitamins too are a good option of treatment for acne. In this case, you see a steady and gradual improvement of the skin condition.

Treating Moderate Acnes

Prescription drugs such as anti-microbial or Retinoid cream combined with physical treatment such as extraction and light therapy can indeed treat moderate to acute acne conditions. Oral contraceptives too can prove to be effective at times. Take care of acne while it is moderate because once it becomes severe, it would be hard for you to get away with this skin ailment.

Treating Severe Acne Conditions

Usually dermatologists make use of vigorous treatment measures in curing severe acne formations. They treat the condition, simultaneously seeing to it that no permanent scarring of the skin is caused. Oral antibiotics such as Accutane, drainage techniques and surgical incision like acne surgery and corticosteroid injections are the most effective acne treatment solutions. The treatment option suggested by a dermatologist mostly depends on the severity of the acne condition.

Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment For Acne

A very successful treatment for acne, Benzoyl Peroxide helps in unclogging blocked or jammed pores thereby reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands, which in turn secrete less sebum. You can get Benzoyl Peroxide from the nearest drug store where the strength of the medicine starts from 2.5%.

Retinoid Treatment For Acne

Retinoid is a derivative of vitamin A. It plays a significant role in curing black heads, white heads and comedonal acne. Retinoids speed up the turning over of the skin cells thus working brilliantly in removing clogged materials in the hair follicles.

Natural Treatment Options

Any sort of natural treatment for acne emphasizes the necessity of having regular exercise and system-cleansing diet. There are several controversies regarding the effectiveness of this treatment, but individuals do report that by reducing excess fat intake and avoiding consumption of oily foodstuffs one can check acne eruptions.

These apart, various home remedies and advanced treatment procedures like Laser treatment are the other significant options of acne treatment.

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