You On A Diet

The You on a Diet plan is one that focuses on loses inches off your waistline rather than losing weight. The goal of Drs. Oz and Roisen is to shrink waist sizes down to the ideal sizes of 32 inches for women and 35 inches for men. The reason their focus is on the waistline is that it has been found that many illnesses are due to excessive weight around the middle. They also want this diet to be a life long one that is so easy to maintain you will not feel as if you are on a diet.

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Some of the basics of the You on a Diet Plan is that if you were to decrease your calorie intake daily by just 100 calories daily you would loose one pound a month. Eliminate from your diet all hydrogenated oils, sugar, enriched flour products, and white foods out of your diet and pantry. It is suggested that you only buy foods that have the four factor, that is four grams of saturated fat and four grams of sugar per serving. For those of you that have an incredible sweet tooth is suggested that you drink a glass of water, get a good night’s rest even an indulgence of sex can help you control your sweets cravings while on the You on a diet plan. If the need to snack is overwhelming, why not crunch on some carrots, apples, or nuts.

The You on a Diet plan stresses the need and importance of a regular exercise program in your life as part of your lifestyle change to a healthier life. On a daily basis, it is suggested that you engage in at least 30 minutes of weight training exercise and at least 60 minutes of high-density cardio exercise weekly for optimal health. The You on a Diet plan promises to be one so you can easily maintain through out your life.

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