Medical Cartoons

Medical cartoons are a great way to let others know that laughter can be one of the best ways to deal with illness. While using medical cartoons in your practice is a bit risky, it can be highly successful if used right. For starters, you probably should not use them if you have patients who are acutely ill as these people have little time to adjust to their illness. For those who are chronically ill, however, learning to joke and accept the lighter side of the illness can be really beneficial.

Medical cartoons can help these people learn to live their lives around the illness instead of having it control everything they do. Sometimes when people have been diagnosed with something that they will face their entire lives, it may seem daunting. A little humor in these situations will help the patient feel a little better about the situation. He or she may even think back on the cartoon fondly in the months to come. These cartoons may be the first step to realizing that one can still have a life with a chronic illness.

Medical cartoons can be put up in a number of places to keep patients occupied as well. Some obstetrical offices put them on the ceiling, for example, so that patients can look at them during examinations. Because so many women worry about their exams, the cartoons can help keep their minds off the exam. Another place to put the cartoons may be on the walls of each exam room. Patients will be able to read the cartoons while they are waiting for their exams to begin. Something like this to occupy the patient will keep him or her from fidgeting and fretting over the exam so much. A relaxed patient will be better able to assist in answering questions from the doctor.

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