Medical Information Bureau

Medical information bureau also known as the MIB Group, Inc. is essentially a nonprofit credit rating agency that serves the North American insurance industry. It is located in Essex, MA and is one of the repositories of health records in the world. The MIB Group has membership of estimated 750 U.S. and Canadian Insurance Companies.

The Medical Information Bureau encloses a central database of medical information, which is used by different insurance companies. There are about 15 million Americans and Canadians recorded in the files of MIB's computers. The insurance firms use the services of MIB primarily to obtain information about individual health insurance policy applicants and life insurance.

Medical information bureau operates as an informational exchange bureau on the behalf of its members. After you apply for health insurance, disability insurance, or life insurance, your insurance company would report it to the MIB. This is a part of your insurance application authorized by you.

In case you apply for benefits to another member company for health, disability insurance, life or a claim it would be submitted to such a company. Medical Information Bureau would take the responsibility to provide that company with any information in its file that is requested. Receiving your request MIB would arrange for disclosure of any information it may have in your file. In case, you have doubts over the accuracy of the information in that file, you can contact MIB and ask for correction in accordance with the procedures.

While applying for life or health insurance you would be asked to provide information about your health. In some cases, you would be required to a certificate of being examined by a doctor and to have your urine and blood tested. If you have medical conditions which the insurance companies might consider significant, this would be reported to the MIB.

However, they do not have the similar copies as you would have seen with the doctor. They codify individuals according to certain health conditions and lifestyle choices. The Medical Information Bureau has 230 codes. It uses individuals’ codes to indicate high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, or depression. There are also codes to indicate participation in high-risk sports like skydiving or if an individual smokes cigarettes. Apart from medical conditions, the data collected by Medical Information Bureau includes driving records, and criminal activity. Moreover, MIB conducts the Record Search and Disclosure at for each request at minimal charges.

Medical Information Bureau is runs on the dogma that every consumer should be eligible to know the contents of his or her record maintained by the organization. It also allows the right to check and correct any incomplete or inaccurate information in the record. This is a great advantage for the consumer as well as MIB for assuring that the recorded information with the organization is as true as possible.

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