Medical Malpractice

When a health care provider performs a medical malpractice he is in fact going against the norms of the medical community and causing potential injury to the sufferer. To put it simply you can say that a medical misconduct is an occupational carelessness causing immense injury to the patient.

In case of medical malpractice the physician gives an improper treatment, which brings about deterioration in the overall physiological condition of the patient. In fact, a doctor remains responsible for any mistake or act of negligence in the course of medication.

What are the probable causes of medical malpractice?

It is caused due to sudden non-accomplishment or unnecessary delay in the proper detection of the ailment
It may be caused due to a sudden mishap at the time of anesthesia or surgery
It may also take place when a doctor is unable to get the patient's approval may be because the physician had failed to provide detailed information to the patient before an expected surgery or operation
It also takes place due to improper treatment of the diseased condition
Medical wrongdoing is also about misusing medical devices or prescription drugs for personal benefit

Remember, if you really feel that there has been a medical malpractice then you should make a claim of compensation within two years of the incident. If you are late things may go out of your hand. However, the doctor or other staffs of the hospital or clinic should not do the evaluation of the malpractice. The insurance company carries out this responsibility. The company is empowered to give the final verdict in case of a medical misconduct.

Cases of medical malpractice are quite expensive, complex and it also involves the client’s personal and emotional attachment with the insurance company. Before an attorney files a medical malpractice case, the doctor takes into account the past history of how the hospital dealt with the patients and also the conduct of the physicians who carried out the treatment.

When filing a case of medical wrongdoing you are to produce a written summary having the details of medical treatment received including matters like conversing with the doctors and what sort of treatment should have been given. The attorney is responsible for collecting and showing relevant records of the doctors, nurses and other employees to prove medical negligence.

The attorney appoints a medical expert to evaluate and judge the seriousness of the medical misconduct. However, the expert should have a certification in that particular medical field for later on he will have to provide an expert opinion when questioned by the medical board. People involved in a case of medical malpractice are the Plaintiff, the Medical Malpractice Attorney, the Defense, and Expert Witnesses.

It is the responsibility of the malpractice attorney to have a thorough follow-up of all the facts given by the plaintiff or the patient so that he may not land up filing a superficial lawsuit. If by any chance the judge understands that the case is false and the charges brought against the physician are all irrelevant then the judge may impose fines both to the plaintiff and the malpractice attorney for misguiding the court with wrong information.

Each state has their own medical malpractice statutes and thus before filing a medical misconduct case it is important that you get familiar with the laws of the state. However, at times the re-compensations given to the plaintiff for the damages being made by the physician or the hospital can get reduced depending upon the amount of the fault done by the plaintiff in causing the damage. After a thorough judgment of the case if it is discovered that the plaintiff has a twenty five percent responsibility in the damage being done then the amount he is to receive for the injury will only be seventy five percent the original amount.

Therefore, if there is a genuine case of medical malpractice, measures should be taken to make the physician pay for his negligence and insincerity in the place of work.

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