New York City Birth Injury attorneys

When New York City expecting parents imagine the moment their child is brought into this world, their only thoughts are of the happiness and love at first sight of their newborn. The fear that something could go wrong during labor and affect their newborn is always pushed aside, but sometimes that fear does become a reality. When this happens parents turn to New York City birth injury attorneys to guide them on the next steps to try to ease the pain.

Birth injuries can result by oxygen deprivation, problems with the placenta or umbilical cord, mismanagement of gestational diabetes or elevated blood pressure during the pregnancy. Also failure to recognize and treat preterm labor, incompetent cervix or intrauterine growth retardation and negligently letting the pregnancy go too long can all result in birth injury.

Other causes of birth injury can be due to a delayed c-section, long labor, forceps or vacuum extraction errors and fractures to the newborn’s arm or collar bone. The quality of care at birth may cause problems as well. Any kind of harm sustained before, during or just after birth can cause injury to the newborn.

New York City birth injury attorneys can help families to form a case against the negligent parties and pursue the compensation they deserve. Families need to contact an attorney immediately after birth in order to stay within the statue of limitations. These medical malpractice cases can be expensive and time consuming due to all the medical information that must be obtained and examined.

New York City birth injury attorneys have to review all the medical records to decide whether the case has merit. If the case has a valid claim then the next step for New York City birth injury attorneys would be to analysis the data collected and investigate further into the situation. New York City birth injury attorneys have to prove that the health care providers acted unreasonably and that their actions directly caused the injury.

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