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Almost 20 percent of all newborn babies will develop a skin condition known as baby acne that will appear roughly two weeks after birth. These small, red bumps that look like pimples are also called acne neonatorum. They most often disappear spontaneously by the time the baby is three months old.

There is often no need for the application of any baby acne products since the condition disappears on its own in most cases. In the event treatment is desired, consult the baby’s pediatrician and use only the mildest possible remedies. The newborn baby’s skin is much too sensitive to use the harsher acne treatments used by teenagers and adults.

Lingering hormones from the baby’s mother are the triggering agent in baby acne. These maternal hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands in the baby, which will help keep the baby’s skin baby soft but little bumps that look like pimples are likely to form as the baby adjusts to his or her new life.

Recent studies have indicated that the bumps are caused by a strain of yeast in the Malassezia species. One form of this strain of yeast causes a condition commonly called cradle-cap in newborns. This condition produces bumps along the baby’s hairline.

If the presence of the bumps along the hairline or on the face seems to be making your baby uncomfortable, it might be wise to consult the baby’s pediatrician. He or she may prescribe a very low-dose antifungal cream or ointment that can be safely used to speed up healing of the bumps.

Whether you choose to treat your baby’s acne with a baby acne product or simply let nature run its course, never use harsh chemicals or cleansers on the baby’s skin. Never pick or scratch it and keep the area as clean as possible to avoid any potential for infection.

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