Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

What’s in your bathroom medicine cabinet? There are many things that can usually be found in a person’s medicine cabinet, so things that are more common that others. However, there are several staples that should always be in a bathroom medicine cabinet in order to always be prepared for whatever may be thrown your way.

The first two items that should always be found in the bathroom medicine cabinet are a tooth brush and tooth paste. These items are, or should be, part of every person’s daily routine and are needed near the sink and the mirror, so the bathroom medicine cabinet is a great place to put these items. Another important item for the bathroom cabinet is a first aid kit. First aid kits are great because they provide easy fixes to a lot of common aches and pain that ale people everyday. Some items that that are important to include in a first aid kit include band aides, athletic tape, scissors, tweezers, rubbing alcohol and other basic health care items.

Bathroom medicine cabinets should also always include personal hygiene items such as q-tips, tweezers, soap, and cotton balls. These are items that many people use at least several times a week and find helpful if they are places within reach of the sink. This allows people do what ever task they feel like doing with out having to continually move about the bathroom looking for the correct supplies. When all these items are placed within reach in the bathroom medicine cabinet, these daily hygienic tasks become much more manageable.

Other task oriented items that should be placed in the bathroom medicine cabinet include shaving cream and razors. Many men shave daily and need to use the bathroom sink and mirror when performing this task. By keeping the shaving cream and razor near the skin, the daily task of shaving can be done easily and efficiently. By keeping necessary items in the bathroom medicine cabinets, many annoying daily tasks can be done with ease.

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