Blood Pressure Cuff

Blood pressure cuff is one of the components of the Sphygmomanometer (also known as the Blood Pressure Meter) used to determine the blood pressure. This is a very old method of measuring blood pressure and is still prevalent.

How Is Blood Pressure Measured With Sphygmomanometer?

The blood pressure cuff is wrapped around the upper left arm and is inflated by squeezing a rubber bulb, repeatedly. This temporary stops blood flow. Then, the manometer measures the blood pressure. A stethoscope is placed near the brachial artery and then the doctor releases the air in the cuff. Immediately, it makes a whooshing sound and blood begins to pulse into your veins. At this point, the pressure of the blood is known as the 'systolic blood pressure'. At a point of time, the air from the cuff is released completely and the whooshing sound stops. The blood pressure reading when the whooshing sound was last heard is known as the 'diastolic blood pressure'.

Important Points About A Blood Pressure Cuff

The size of the cuff is very vital for giving the right readings. The cuff should be the exact size of your arm. If it is not so, then there are chances that it will give wrong blood pressure readings. Besides size, the length and width of the bladder in the cuff are also important.

Arms, which are smaller or larger than the average-sized arms, call for a special-sized cuff. The cuff size of a child will certainly differ from an adult person. Hence, it is very important to know the circumference of one’s arm.

Blood pressure cuffs are available in different sizes. The 'Economy cuff' is apt for the mid-sized or barely super-sized persons. The “Deluxe cuff' is more costly compared to the “economy cuff'. The cuff fits the super-sized arms, properly. If you are a victim of obesity or are an over-sized person, then an adult thigh cuff is important. Again, if you are very thin, then choose a blood pressure cuff, which fits your arm exactly.

Buy Your Own Blood Pressure Cuff Is Important…

Buying your own cuff will prove handy because not all clinics and hospitals have the right size cuffs. Using the same cuff repeatedly gives you accurate and dependable reading. More importantly, an ill-fitted, wrong-sized blood pressure cuff may give you wrong pressure readings and may eventually cost you your life.

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