Blood Pressure Equipment

When a medical practitioner asks you to keep a record of your blood pressure at home, you are in genuine need of blood pressure equipment, which is generally referred to as sphygmomanometer. This blood pressure measuring mechanism comprises a cuff, a pressure register system and a stethoscope. However, there are some pressure-measuring devices which work by a combined effort of these three equipments. Sphygmomanometer is a kind of blood pressure equipment which comes in three specific varieties – mercury, aneroid and automatic. The automatic pressure reading device works on batteries and they even have a digital read out. These are also blessed with the capacity to print out readings.

The mercury sphygmomanometer

This is a kind of blood pressure equipment which you will find in most doctor's chambers and surgical rooms. This equipment is durable, easy to read and if you want to use it for years you can use any readjustment with the device. Sphygmomanometer is directly related to gravitational force and it enables you to come up with accurate and consistent reading.

This blood pressure equipment consists a long tubular gauge which has been prepared with either glass or plastic. There is mercury inside the gauge. Any model of mercury sphygmomanometer makes use of a D cuff and a separate stethoscope attached to the device for a better reading process. Models which generally come with D cuff are perfect for home use because with this device you can measure your own blood pressure and have the reading yourself.

Disadvantages of a mercury sphygmomanometer

However, such equipment is not suitable for home use for it is quite heavy to be moved from one place to another. Moreover, if mercury leaks from the gauge in any way the consequence can be dangerous. This blood pressure equipment is usually padded for durability, but this has made the device harder causing hindrance in smooth transportation. Moreover, you need to position this machine well for a perfect and accurate reading.

The mercury in the gauge of this blood pressure equipment does not work well for people who are suffering from visual and hearing problems. Moreover, some people may also find it difficult to squeeze the bulb in order to deflate the D cuff. Thus, despite its several pros, mercury sphygmomanometer suffers from specific cons too.

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

This blood pressure equipment is extremely light in weight and it can be easily moved from one position to another. This is much lighter than mercury sphygmomanometer. You don't have to pay much to buy a model of aneroid sphygmomanometer because it is extremely affordable. If you are directly looking at the machine you can have the reading from the gauge from any desired position.

Other features of aneroid blood pressure equipment

It has D-ring cuff meant for one handed application
It has a self bleeding deflation valve so that you can read with increased accuracy
You can read the machine easily
It has an extra large gauge
This blood pressure equipment usually has a built-in and attached stethoscope

Disadvantages of aneroid sphygmomanometer

The machine is quite difficult to handle for it is quite complicated. An aneroid machine needs to be checked annually and especially when it encounters a blow. If you don't have the proper knowledge you may not be able to handle this blood pressure equipment properly and once damaged the machine needs to be sent for factory repair and readjustments. This blood pressure equipment is not so suitable for those who have problems with hearing and seeing and also for those who cannot move their hands properly. Thus, they find it difficult to squeeze the bulb and inflate the cuff.

Automatic sphygmomanometer

This is indeed an innovation par excellence. You can use the machine quite easily and you have less chances of making mistakes while handling the equipment. Automatic sphygmomanometer is simply a boon for all disabled people. This is a portable blood pressure equipment having a D-ring cuff for one handed application. The cuff has been designed so as to properly fit properly around your wrist or cuff.

Features of automatic blood pressure equipment

Inflation and deflation systems
A large size
Easy to read digital display
Error indicator
Provisions for reading printouts
Built in pulse measurement

Disadvantages of automatic sphygmomanometer

This blood pressure equipment is extremely flimsy, complicated and erogenous. However, the accuracy of the machine needs checking by comparing the device with a mercury sphygmomanometer. This device is quite costly and it has to be backed up with batteries and an AC adapter for large arm cuffs. When you can detect fault in the working of the machine you can send the device to the factory for repair and readjustments.

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