First Aid Kit

You don’t want to be stuck with a burn or cut and nothing to put on it or to cover it. You should therefore have a first aid kit available in your home and while you travel in case you may have to deal with a minor cut or bruise. Your first aid kit can be large or small, but it should contain a few basic items which will ensure you that you can stop bleeding or prevent infection when something unfortunate happens. A typical first aid kit will contain bandages of several sizes, alcohol or another substance to clean wounds, and various lotions. You should have burn cream, an antiseptic cream which will kill bacteria. In addition to band-aids, you should also have sterile pads and gauze to deal with larger wounds, as well as small scissors and medical tape to fasten the gauze onto the wound.

In a first aid kid, you should also have tweezers to remove splinters or other items, such as broken glass, form one’s skin. If you need to take insulin or have other medications which are absolutely essential to take, you should have some extra in your first aid kit. Other good items to include in a first aid kit are aspirin or pain reliever, anti-diarreah medication, a laxative or heartburn medication, such as Tums. You should also include petroleum jelly and cotton balls or swabs.

Your first aid kit should be handy and should be located in an easily accessible area of the home. However, it should be kept away from small children who may be able to open bottles of alcohol or creams. It is a good idea also to have a first aid kit in your car or office so it will always be available when needed. Your first aid kit can be clearly labeled on the outside so everyone will know its purpose.

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