First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies are very important to keep at home and at work. First aid kits are extremely useful at creating a pain management system from household for injuries that are minor and non-life threatening. Some people wonder what items they should keep in there first aid kit so that they can always be prepared for future accidents and injuries. Here is a list of many first aid supplies that should be included in a home first aid kit. One important type of first aid supplies that would be included in the typical kit are bandages. Every first aid kit should be equipped with bandages in several forms. Band-Aid of several sizes should be included for minor cuts and scrapes while pause pads and roller bandages should be included to cover up larger accidents or to be used as interim bandaging before getting proper medical attention.

First ad kits should also contain items that can be used for several different treatment procedures. Some of these items include scissors, tweezers, and needles. These items can be used to cut, pluck and pull all sorts of items that are involved in injuries. Small scale versions of scissors and tweezers are usually available at the local drug store and are often more convienent to carry in a first aide kit.

Over the counter medications are also a good type of first aide supplies that should be included in a typical first aid kit. Some of these first aide supplies include aspirin, fever reducer, sinus clearer, and allergy medicine. A variety of ointments should also be included in the list of first aid supplies along with the over the counter medications. Some ointments that are commonly used include disinfectant, anti-itch cream, and petroleum jelly. With these first aid items, you should be well prepared for all the mishaps that may happen.

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