Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitor

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Lumiscope Blood Pressure monitor is used both for domestic and professional purposes. Aged people and athletes who mostly yearn for a sound cardiovascular health prefer to have a blood pressure monitor at home so that they can keep a constant watch on their BP levels and treat the anomalies, if any. Two different types of blood pressure monitors have been launched by Lumiscope – the wrist blood pressure monitor and upper arm blood pressure monitor.

Lumiscope Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The wrist variety is a digital blood pressure monitor that has special features like automatic inflation and smart deflation. This Lumiscope Blood Pressure monitor provides you with appropriate blood pressure as well as pulse readings. The wrist device also stores the time and date when the BP levels as well as pulse rates are being checked.

Essential Features Of The Monitor

  • Dual memory zones with 50 memories each

  • 2AAA batteries with two years warranty

  • Step valve technicality

  • Auto-off

  • Display averages of the last three readings

  • Storage case

  • Fits wrist size 5.25” to 8.5”

Upper Arm Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitor

This is a digital variety of quick read upper arm blood pressure monitor. It has a deluxe automatic deflation, which enables you to have a quick and appropriate blood pressure reading.

Salient Features Of The Monitor

  • Touch pad control

  • AC adapter and storage case

  • Jumbo digital display

  • 4AA batteries with two years warranty

  • World Health Organization hypertension alert system

  • Universal Easy-Fit cuff fits arm sizes 8.7” to 18.2”

  • Dual memory zones with 50 memories each

  • Auto-off

Specialties Of A Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor is specifically noted for its accuracy and durability. Most Lumiscope monitors are powered by batteries and have either a semi-automatic or an automatic inflation feature.

Apart from the arm and wrist varieties, Lumiscope monitors are available in other forms as well. These include

  • Manual professional Lumiscope blood pressure monitors

  • Lumiscope finger blood pressure monitors

No matter which among the available models you choose, a Lumiscope blood pressure monitor will surely give you the most accurate readings and continue to give remarkable performance throughout.

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