Medical Alert Jewelry

Though not fashionable, medical alert jewelry can save your life in an emergency situation. Medical alert jewelry comes in a very traditional silver color. These pieces usually have a red medical symbol on them and have something engraved on the inside. This engraving will tell others about the reason the person is wearing the bracelet. Some common reasons for wearing medical alert jewelry are that the person is diabetic or epileptic or that he or she has a severe allergy to common medications, such as codeine or penicillin.

The bracelet will let others know that in an emergency, you should not receive the medications to which you are allergic. The medical conditions bracelets also let others know in case you have a problem related to the condition. Knowing that someone is diabetic, for example, can give others an idea that the person may be experiencing problem from blood sugar that has gone to far out of range.

The medical alert jewelry available comes in more varieties now than just the red and silver bracelets. You can get necklaces as well, which many people prefer because they do not get in the way. Other people, primarily young people who suffer from these conditions, want medical alert jewelry that will not look like it is about a medical condition. These people can seek out some of the newer designs, which look like regular jewelry but have some indication that the wearer has a medical condition. One example is a necklace with a charm that has the condition engraved in pretty letters or has the condition written in beads on a bracelet. These choices are preferable among teens who need to wear medical jewelry. While parents may balk initially at these pieces because they are more expensive and less obvious, they are a good alternative to children choosing to take off the jewelry because they believe it draws attention to their medical conditions.

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