Medical Instruments

Medical instruments are very important to the success of modern medical practices. However, it was the creation of early medical instruments in the Romans and Greek times that allowed the initial venture into modern medicine to begin. Many forms of ancient medical instruments have been found through out time. For example, ancient scalpels are now on display at several museums. These medical instruments were made from bronze, steel, or both, and were used for some of the same procedures that are done today. The scalpels of the ancient times variety in shape and size as the medical instruments of today also do. This allowed doctors to make different types of cuts depending on the surgery that was taking place.

Other medical instruments from the past have also been found. Some of the more well known medical instruments including hooks, bone drills, and bone forceps. Hooks were used in procedures such as raising blood vessels and holding up pieces of tissue. Modern medical instruments are still used to do the same function, and are still in hook form. Bone drills were created so that ancient doctors could remove damaged bone mass or objects from the bone such as metal. Bone forceps were medical instruments that were used in conjunction with bone drills to remove pieces of unwanted material from the patient’s body that they were not able to get with their hands.

Many pieces of modern medical instruments had come to be developed through the updating of some of these ancient pieces. Many medical instruments are now created out of top of the line materials that far surpass the ancient medical instrument materials; however the design and practicality of the tools still remain the same. The brilliant brains and intuition of previous medical workers and tool craftsman had greatly shaped the way that modern medicine is preformed.

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