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If you are in need of a blood pressure monitor, crutches, Ace bandages or walkers, you will need to go to a medical supply store to find items that can be used on a temporary or permanent basis. Since many medical supply needs are not anticipated, but need to be fulfilled only after the need arises, it is useful to know where to find medical supply resources quickly and easily. Some medical supply places will allow you to rent the supplies you need, since injuries are often not permanent and people do not need to purchase crutches for the long term, but only need to use them for a few months. Other medical supply organizations will allow you to borrow items for a few months with a deposit that will be returned when you return the device. In cases when these items are sold rather than rented, you should see if they can be written off from your taxes or if you insurance policy will cover the expenses. Otherwise, medical supply needs can be quite expensive and it is best to find ways to cover these expenses that will not require significant amounts of money.

If you find you need to purchase items, you can find medical supply sources online. It is usually harder to borrow something online, especially since the source may be located in another state, but you can find used items which cost a great deal less than they would in regular stores, since online operations tend to have lower overhead than conventional stores which need to pay rent, employees and utilities on “real” stores. It is worthwhile to comparison shop to see what the going rate is on your medical supply. You may even find what you are looking for on eBay. Another great medical supply resource is your local drugstore. Although you cannot find everything there, you may be able to locate ace bandages, a walker or other needed items.

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