Medicine Cabinet

Almost everyone has a medicine cabinet, which is considered to be a very basic fixture in every home. However, the medicine cabinet need not be a drab item, but can add style to one’s bathroom as well as convenience. One can opt for a typical medicine cabinet or find something more unusual and exotic to spice up the bathroom.

A typical medicine cabinet hangs above the sink and has mirrored doors to make applying makeup and shaving more convenient. The mirrored doors have knobs and can be opened so to reveal a cabinet with basic, necessary items, such as razors, shaving cream, tweezers, combs, and makeup. A typical medicine cabinet is usually quite small and only contains necessary items. The door may be a single door that opens up, or a double or triple door revealing several compartments. A medicine cabinet may also have glass doors to enable one to see inside and to reach quickly exactly what he or she is looking for. Another kind of medicine cabinet is full-length and is fitted into a corner. These also have mirrored doors or glass, but are often more like closets than medicine cabinets. You should ensure that no dangerous items are stored in the floors of these closets, because a child may get into Clorox or other materials. It is a good idea to keep your cleaning materials and medicines where it is impossible for a small child to reach. Some careful parents may decide to lock their medicine cabinet so it is impossible for a toddler to reach pills and other items there.

There is no rule that your medicine cabinet needs to have mirrored or glass doors and should be small. You can find an attractive wooden medicine cabinet which may match the décor of your bathroom. If there is wood in your bathroom, you can find a matching medicine cabinet or perhaps locate a wicker medicine cabinet, which does not need to match. You can also paint the doors of your medicine cabinet in a shade that will match the walls and other fixtures.

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