Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are basic items in every bathroom, and are necessary because we need to store our razors, nail clippers, medicines and other items somewhere. Medicine cabinets are typically small and have mirrored doors. They are often located above a sink where the items can be easily reached. However, some medicine cabinets are the size of closets and are located in the corner of the room. These are often considered bathroom closets instead of cabinets, but some can resemble cabinets, with a long, thin design and not much depth. When using full-length medicine cabinets, care must be taken not to store poisonous items on the ground level so young children can reach them. One should also be careful with typical small medicine cabinets located above sinks, since a child can climb up and take things from the medicine cabinets. Some parents lock up their medicine cabinets to keep curious toddlers from exploring the items contained within.

Standard medicine cabinets have mirrored doors or class doors. These are useful because mirrored doors allow you to apply makeup, pluck eyebrows, shave or to do other basic tasks easily without having to use a separate mirror. The mirrored doors usually contain little knobs that will allow you to open the medicine cabinets easily and to grab what you need inside. Glass doors are convenient so you can see what is inside the medicine cabinets, but you will have to purchase a wall mirror separately. A few medicine cabinets have wood doors, or doors made from other types of material, but these medicine cabinets are less common. However, many of these types of medicine cabinets are stylish, and many people prefer them over the typical medicine cabinets.

Medicine cabinets are easy to replace, at least if they are not built-in to the wall. You can find one that is pre-made and can be mounted above the sink. Make sure that the medicine cabinet is firmly attached to the wall and will not fall, or the mirrored or glass doors could break.

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