Medical Administrative Assistant

Those of you aiming for a career in medical office have a great choice in the post of medical administrative assistant. The job of medical administrative assistant is vital in any medical office as they are responsible for managing various important tasks.

A career of medical administrative assistant can bring you satisfaction as you help others; it brings to you the opportunity to serve a health care team at the same time. With the growing demand in the health care sector, demand for such professionals is also on the rise. There are ample employment opportunities for you in clinics, dental offices, public health departments, physicians’ offices, prisons and laboratories.

To be a medical administrative assistant, you need to pursue a program designed to prepare you for the entry-level positions as medical administrative assistants in the health care clinics. The program would equip you with various administrative procedures that would essentially include case history processing, bill collections, processing medical insurance claims as well as normal office procedures used in various medical offices.

Programs For You

Programs meant for would-be medical administrative assistant are designed to develop the skills required for success in administrative support of hospital departments, in the medical offices, or as Medical Directors in non-medical business opportunities. Some school curriculum includes training in "front office" skills and other aspects such as basic medical coding, computer skills, business math, transcription and record management.

The courses also enhance the administrative, business and communication skills of the students offering well-rounded talents to meet the challenges of today's ever-changing medical and non-medical industry. The students can gain dexterity to become a vital conduit between patient and doctor or even a client and business owner. The responsibilities of medical administrative assistants ask for versatility.

Functions of an Administrative Medical Assistant

A medical administrative assistant holds an important position in the hierarchy of medical office. As an medical administrative assistant you would have to perform some of the major functions such as records management, appointment setting, basic billing, management of accounts receivable and accounts payable, general bookkeeping and assisting in payment collections. Two of the most important functions of medical assistant’s are banking and payroll.

The duty also involves handling telephone calls from physicians, patients, laboratories, and equipment-manufacturers, representatives of pharmaceutical companies as well as the physician’s family and all these demand expertise. Overall, the job of a medical administrative assistant is to ensure smooth functioning of the medical office. Once you prove your worth as an administrative medical assistant, you would be eligible for future promotions.

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