Medical Laboratory Technologist

A medical laboratory technologist is essentially a part of the health-care profession. Their job is to perform laboratory analysis and furnish the information to the physicians. Sometimes, a doctor is accompanied by a medical laboratory technologist, who assists him in diagnosing and treating the patients. At times, the technologist even helps in preventing the disease and monitors the condition of the patient. The service of a laboratory technologist is very crucial when it comes to proper treatment of a patient.

The Job Of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs)

The main job of a medical laboratory technologist is to handle a number of complicated machines all at a time. They should have excellent skills, such as, hand eye coordination, motor skills and manual dexterity. They must have the ability to take care of the minute details of the subtle changes to any microscopic objects, such as tissues, blood and bacterial cells.

However, obtaining results is not the only job of an MLT. He has to prove the authenticity and the validity of the report and for the same; he should make critical and analytical scrutinization of the report. Besides, he should posses the virtues of patience and dexterity. Communication skills should be vivid and comprehensible.

The Demand Of MLTs

Science is now more advanced and therefore the roles of the laboratory technologists are getting more complicated. As new discoveries are being made everyday, a medical laboratory technologist is required to watch out for new developments. They must also make the utmost efforts from their end to contribute for the development of medical science – say for evolving newer and better methods of diagnosing complicated health problems, such as, cancer and genetic disorders.

Variety is the basis of work in a laboratory. The MLTs have to perform tests in various disciplines and, therefore, they meet new challenges and assorted career options. Job-satisfaction is the key word for a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

A Medical Laboratory Technologist can enjoy expanding roles. “Point of care” testing is now a very common sight in many hospitals. To ensure faster testing and uninterrupted monitoring, the monitors are now mostly placed beside the patient. Nonetheless, a medical laboratory technologist can enjoy the scope of working independently, without the interference of a third party.

A MLT has many career options. He/she can find challenging jobs in arenas like, physician's office, hospitals, private laboratories, public health laboratories, sales and marketing, consulting, research and product development, education, technical support, supervision or administration or management, public health or infection control, forensic biological sciences and many more.

The Qualification Of Medical Laboratory Technologist

To qualify as an MLT, the aspiring student should earn a bachelor's degree with major in medical technology or the student should earn a four-year degree in Life science, but the certification must come from an accredited training program.

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